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The Story

Corset Story was founded in 2008 and has quickly grown to become probably the largest supplier of corsets in the world with sales in over 40 different countries.

Corset-Story's core belief is that high quality corsetry should be accessible and affordable for all. In the past 20 years Corsets have become an elite garment tailored by specialist designers. These designers have created some wonderful designs in corsetry but tend to concentrate on the aesthetics of corsets as opposed to quality and craftsmanship. They also tend to have problems controlling their material costs through the low volumes they deal with which pushes prices up.

Corset-Story tailor 1000’s of garments every week. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in design. We listen carefully to our customers through interactive platforms such as Facebook and develop our business from their suggestions and needs. We have over 150 tailors in our specialist and modern overseas manufacturing base. Here we carefully control material costs and develop and train specialists for every part of the tailoring process to reduce costs to customers while maintaining the highest standards.

Our Facebook fan base is constantly growing and the existing 450,000 fans reflect the maintenance of a good relationship with our customers.

The directors here take great pride in running modern and ethical manufacturing bases in New Delhi, Nepal and China.
The directors take regular trips to monitor working standards in these facilities as ethics are always high on their agenda and they appreciate the damaging affect that poor working conditions and exploitation could have on the Corset-Story brand.
One of the conditions to our suppliers is that children are not used in the production, packaging and distribution of our products.

Corset Story is the trading name of MRRAY Ltd
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