The best corsets are steel boned. That's a fact. It takes something more than fabric and a little plastic to bring in the waist by a good five inches, create cleavage, and change posture for the better. Don't be put off by thinking steel would be uncomfortable either. As any connoisseur will tell you, well-made steel boned corsets offer an outstanding level of support and that means comfort too. This is heightened further by the super-comfy lining allowing you to wear them day in, day out.

High quality steel boned corsets will keep their shape over time even if you want to wear them all night long, whereas acrylic (plastic) boned corsets will not. The flat bones make for a smooth, streamlined shape without any lumps or bumps and they really will change the figure if laced tightly. Most wearers can expect a four or five inch waist reduction. Our Waist Cinchers can go a little further than that but for most wearers, five inches is ample. We have a broad range of authentic steel boned corsets in every style and color. They can be worn as evening wear, as part of burlesque outfits, in stage productions, or as lingerie. Each one is not only constructed to high standards but also designed to look fantastic. We use a range of luscious fabrics and fine trimmings - in this collection there is no shortage of brocade and lace, satin and ribbon. The insides of the corsets are lined with cotton for all-night comfort.

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