There are plus size corsets throughout all of our ranges and on every page of the Corset Story catalog. We've gathered a few of our favorites here to help anyone with a curvier figure find a gorgeous garment that will suit them down to the ground but do browse the rest of the site as well. The left hand search bar can be used to filter by size, so it's easy to narrow down the range to corsets available in your size, no matter what that size may be. The Plus Size range has corsets to suit women with anything up to a 53" waist (or a US Size 20).

There are real advantages to corset tops for plus size ladies. If your cup size is a DD or bigger, you might find it hard to get the level of support you really need from an ordinary bra. Getting fitted by a specialist can help but we also get a lot of feedback from women who find that an authentic steel boned plus size corset provides an outstanding level of support and comfort. One of these will take the weight off your neck and shoulders and help you stand up straight and relieve back problems.

Most steel boned corsets will bring in the waist by four to five inches. They'll also give you the kind of cleavage skinny women can only dream of. Fuller figured women are as beautiful as any others (no ifs, no buts), and corsets for larger women are just the same. There are some gorgeous plus size corsets in the range, in every style from steampunk to sexy 20s vintage, rockabilly to couture. Our corsets can be worn as clubwear, burlesque stage costumes, gothic style or even bridal wear. Whatever you're shopping for, we've got something that will make you look and feel fabulous.

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