There are plenty of advantages choosing in choosing a corset dress rather than buying the components individually. First off, you can be absolutely sure that your outfit will match perfectly. This is particularly important when you're dealing with bright colors- even a tiny mismatch can clash. Secondly, our dresses are quick and easy to get into. That doesn't make much of a difference when you're getting dressed at the start of the evening but if you need to change stage outfits fast for a burlesque show (for example!) it can make life a whole lot easier.

The third reason to go for ready-made corset outfits is that you can be sure that the skirt and top will work together seamlessly- the corset will be exactly the right length to meet the waist of the skirt, which won't get squashed underneath the bottom hem of your top. The fourth and best reason is the simplest and the best: these dresses are gorgeous. We love them and we're pretty sure you will too. Our designers have thought long and hard about creating complete outfits that evoke particular themes, from the swashbuckling renaissance fayre pirate to the cheeky cabaret dancer or the restrained Victorian lady.

Remember, just because you've bought a complete corset dress doesn't mean you can't have fun building an ensemble. Accessorize! We recommend a pair of sexy, smoky false eyelashes for the cabaret theme and a fascinator for period costumes but when it comes to your accessories, you can go your own way and put a unique stamp on any dress.

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