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Broadly, we sell two types of corset. The ones on this page are Bustiers- those without steel bones. As such they won't bring in the waist or reshape the body much, but they do look fantastic and feel great to wear. They're lighter, cooler, and easier to wear than fully-fledged steel boned options. The corsets here are perfect for going out on the town, for stage shows, or for the simple pleasure of wearing something gorgeous.

The Bustiers range are all outerwear corsets, designed to be worn where they can be seen. It would be a waste of rich fabrics and beautiful designs to hide them! Many of the choices are acrylic or plastic boned to help them keep their clean lines and smooth outer finish and all are made to the highest standards by expert corsetieres.

Because we sell corsets and accessories only, you can shop at Corset-Story with confidence. We know our industry and we know our garments inside out. Expect outstanding quality, even from acrylic boned models.

There are a huge range of fashion corsets available. There are corsets to wear out to clubs and pubs, formal corsets, Victorian-style corsets, and a whole lot more. It varies from week to week but we usually have between 100 and 150 models to choose from. We love to browse but if you'd like to narrow down the selection you can use the filter box to at top left, and see only the colour, size, or style you're after.

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