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Underbust or Overbust?

What shape are you? And what shape would you like to be?underbust corset

Let’s face it. Most of us are not a perfect hourglass shape. In our natural state, with no cinching, pulling, waist training, or other outside forces, we may be pear-shaped, apple-shaped, boyish, flat-chested or busty. And though we should all be proud of our bodies, most of us seek a little help now and then. Between hair-color, make-up, heels, or even just our personal style, we are creating an image to put out there that is a bit beyond our birthday suit. So, the question is, which parts wouldn’t mind some amending and which assets need accentuating?

If you are a busty lady who loves to show your girls off, an underbust corset is the simplest choice. A smaller waist means a larger looking bust, no matter what your cup size. So why not put ‘em on display? If you've got a DD cup or bigger you might want to try a steel boned corset for comfort and support reasons, but always remember that fabulous breasts don't always need any help.

On the other hand, if you’d rather tone those babies down a bit, an overbust corset is the better choice for you. While clearly you will not lose the look of your large breasts altogether, the overall look of an overbust corset can be slimming and more sleek then an underbust corset. Pick something with a straighter bust line or a subtle sweetheart if you don't want too much cleavage.

Now, if you have a very different issue than your busty friends... If your ta-tas are not stopping traffic, have no fear! An underbust corset, with its magical cinching effect, will always make you look a cup size bigger. Or, if it is cleavage you are seeking, the upward push of an overbust corset will give the illusion of a bust which balances out your waist.

A few of you out there have a shape that many modern women are seeking--the boyish, high-fashion, straight shape, with no bust or hips to speak of. But perhaps you are looking for a more feminine, sexy, curvy silhouette sometimes. For you, either an under or overbust corset will help, but an overbust corset will both pull in your waist and add some kickin' curves on both sides.

If several centuries of popular culture aren’t enough to convince you, see for yourself. No matter what your shape, you will love the way you look in either corset. So the next question is...

What are you buying your corset for?long line black waist training overbust

Is there a specific costume you have in mind or are you trying something new in the bedroom?

Some costume choices are more obvious than others. For a Renaissance Fair, an underbust corset is best, with a puffy undershirt with a tight-laced underbust corset over it. But for a burlesque costume, a brighly colored, frilly overbust corset would be more appropriate. Other costume choices are less clear, for example, in steampunk fashion, either an overbust or underbust corset can work. In this case a different set of questions arise. While an overbust corset is most of an outfit on its own and only requires some sort of bottoms such as undies, a tutu, or a skirt, an underbust corset calls for another shirt if you plan to go out in public.

If you are looking for lingerie or just something to be worn in private to spice things up in the bedroom, the question comes down to this: which look will accentuate your shape and will make you feel the most confident? These sort of ponderances were discussed above, but really, you won’t know until you try one on. Though overbust corsets are the common choice, underbust corsets can be very sexy too, either standing alone or with a fun pair of pasties. In an intimate situation, the most important opinion is your own. If you feel sexy, your partner will think you look sexy. Choose a corset you love and go with it :)

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